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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Year 1959

1959 was a significant year for our family. You see, on June 7, 1959 Ted Clarensau married Fran DeNoon, and on October 24, 1959 Phil Ramsey married Helen Osborne. Mike and I were the firstborn children of these two young couples.

Last weekend we celebrated Ted and Fran’s 50th wedding anniversary, and we will celebrate with my parents over Thanksgiving. As we were driving home from our recent celebration in Kansas City, I was sweetly overwhelmed as I considered the countless ways these two couples continue to bless our lives and the lives of our adult children.

Our parents committed their lives to Christ when Mike and I were babies. They raised us in homes that consistently prioritized the worship of God, obedience to God, and a strong commitment to marriage and family.

Recently I’ve been reading the story of Israel in the Old Testament. I can’t help but notice the clear demonstration of blessing for those who trust and obey the Lord. He blessed those who gave their whole hearts to Him and obeyed Him consistently. God led them, fought for them, and provided for them. And conversely, when the Israelites were unfaithful to God, their choices led them into horrible situations. First Chronicles 9:1 says, “The people of Judah were taken captive to Babylon because of their unfaithfulness.” Sin always leads to bondage of some kind!

Yet I feel so blessed to have parents and in-laws who consistently love and obey God, love one another, and love us. Our lives have been marked with so much freedom—freedom from the pain of infidelity, addiction, abuse, crime, . . . Their choices provided the type of freedom that only dwells within a safe and secure home. I love all four parents so much for tenaciously pursuing righteousness and love!

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