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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mother and Daughter Lead Together

One of my friends shared her testimony with me about forming a Secrets small group. I hope her experience encourages those that are considering leading a Bible study. Here’s what Guyla said:

Maybe it was the butterfly and the stunning pink and black graphics; maybe it was the title, Secrets: Transforming Your Life and Marriage; maybe it was the Lord. Whatever the reason, I was intrigued the first time I saw an e-mail promoting the release of this new Bible study for women. Almost immediately, I knew I needed to lead a group. I hoped my daughter, Melissa, would join me.

When I showed her the information, Melissa agreed it would be fun to lead the class together. We both felt that, as a mother/daughter team, we could bring our different perspectives to play in the group. Within a few weeks, we received approval to start the study in our church, set a date to begin, promoted the group, and developed a list of interested women. We were amazed at how quickly it all came together.

Our group wasn't large, but it was diverse. We had several young moms—one who had just left a difficult relationship. We had an engaged college student, a divorcee from an abusive home situation, and a woman experiencing challenges in a forty-year marriage. At the end of the series, the women expressed their appreciation for the class and felt it had opened their eyes to see their lives and their relationships from God’s perspective. Several expressed interest in taking the class again.

As leaders, we were continually impressed with the quality of this study. From the pre-planning information to the lessons and support materials, everything flowed together very well. The videos helped to set the pace for the easy-to-follow session plans. Gary Smalley's comments added to Kerry Clarensau's already astute teaching. The testimonies added a personal element. Discussions were a natural consequence of the many powerful “ah-ha” moments we all experienced.

Will we lead a second class of Secrets? Absolutely! We can hardly wait to see what God will teach all of us this time as we open His Word with Kerry. Without a doubt, Secrets can make a difference for women who are seeking the Lord’s answers for their lives and their marriages. The beautiful thing about God’s secrets is that they always improve our lives – and He can’t wait to share them with all of us!”

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