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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Broken Marriage Restored

Every once in a while, I receive messages or testimonies from women that are so exciting, I have to share them! I received this message from my friend, Ann. She led a Secrets bible study at her church and she saw first hand what can happen when a woman surrenders her whole life to God. Here's the story:

Hey Friend!

Have some cool news to share with you! Yesterday I was talking with a gal at my church that went through Secrets with me last year and she told me that she shared a copy of the book with her sister-in-law. She and her husband were in the process of a divorce and actually ended up going through with it. When she received the book she tossed it under the seat of her car and didn't want to read it. But after the divorce she started going back to church and eventually picked the book up and read it cover to cover. Said once she started it she couldn't put it down. Well to make a long story short, she and her ex-husband are back together! My friend said she repented of the things she had done that had caused problems in their marriage and decided to try to reconcile with him. Her husband said, "I don't know what was in that book but she's a different person now!" I was so excited when my friend shared that with me! I'm sure there are many more testimonies like this one :) Props again for writing this book!

Love ya!

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  1. This ministers to my heart! I always get excited to hear of marriages being restored by Gods love and a wives obedience to Him. If we will surrender our hearts and wills to God, He will take our mess and create the most beautiful bride with in us. Amen!