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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PureLife Ministries

As a pastor’s wife I regularly encounter hurting women whose husbands are engaged in sexual sin. It is truly one of the most painful experiences a woman can face!

A couple of years ago I had the awesome privilege of meeting Kathy Gallagher. She is a woman who completely understands the pain sexual sin. I'm sure that dropping an atomic bomb in the middle of the living room would have caused less devastation than the words her husband shared with her—“I’ve been addicted to pornography and visiting prostitutes for awhile now.”

Steve and Kathy Gallagher could have ended-up like many couples today—angry, hurt, and divorced. But they pushed through the fight of their life and are now on the other side. Today they are the leaders of PureLife Ministries, giving hope and healing to men and women damaged by sexual sin.

I love this ministry, because it is solidly built on a Scriptural foundation with Jesus Christ being the source of healing. And PureLife Ministries gives special care to the wife in the wake of her husband’s sexual sin. The counseling staff is incredible because they have all been there...

This is a great place to refer friends and family members who don’t know what to do. Encouraging articles, blogs, Q & A, phone counseling, resources, and a residential program are just some of what you will find on their Web site: http://www.purelifeministries.org/restoring-marriages. Take a minute to check it out!


  1. Yes, this is such a great Web site! I have directed several women to this before. The staff are so warm and understanding--if anyone knows a man or woman needing help in this area, you should definitely send them to this site! Thanks for the reminder, Kerry!

  2. Pornography to one person can be magazines with naked women. Pornography to another person can be ANY decent magazine, any decent advertisement, church bulletin, phone book, anything, etc. with ANY innocent attractive lady or teenage girl on it. They can be fully decently dressed. It doesn't matter. That is what keeps my stomach in knots.

    I have talked with a lot of women that their husbands do this same thing. "Just looking" is NOT alright. If they are looking, then they are heading for further problems. They start looking more. Scanning the parking lots, gas stations, grocery stores, anywhere, everywhere just to locate a "chick" to look at. They can start cutting out pics and hide them. They have fantasies of these girls and of course if they don't stop can even physically fulfill these fantasies. My husband has said that there is no harm in fantasies. He goes from admitting to his problem to total denial of his problem. Then he says that it is all in my head and I am making up things. Every woman that I have heard that their husband has these problems has said the same thing to their wives.

    He claims to be a "once saved always saved Christian". But, he refuses to pray with me when I ask for our sins to be forgiven or when I humble myself before the Lord. He draws away.

    After 3 yrs. of marriage, I'm not as strong as I used to be in the Lord, but I'm getting myself back to where I used to be with the Lord. GOD, I need your help. I need prayer warriors to pray for our protection from the enemy and I so need wisdom. The enemy seems to be winning in stealing our husbands and winning in occupying our time in mourning over our marriages. I don't want separation. I don't want divorce. I want my marriage to work.

    Church wake up. Men are right there in church and teaching and are so wrapped up in their "secret" fantasies. I have heard this from their wives. One woman told me that her husband admitted to her that he fantasied having sex with every woman in the church to make them feel good. He was a teacher in the church.

    I only bring up all the above acts because I have heard it over and over from other women.
    It is like a bad epidemic or the same "spirit".

    I've said too much. Please pray for all of us disillusioned women. We want to set our eyes on the Lord, but we have husbands that are constantly before us and we have to deal with them.