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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dancing in the Rain

Several weeks ago I was having a “blue” afternoon. Nothing major was going on, I was just bogged down by mundane routine and everyday frustrations. I was sitting in my office working and trying to fight off the grey cloud that I felt hanging over my head, when it started to rain. I really LOVE sunshine, and the rain just added to the heaviness in my heart.

A few minutes after it started to rain, something outside my office window caught my eye. I turned my desk chair to see the movement and was instantly captivated by one of the most precious sights I’ve ever experienced. Our neighbor’s 12-year-old daughter was dancing in the rain…she was whirling and leaping with her face upward and her arms outstretched—soaking up every drop of rain possible. Her ballet moves were beautiful, but it was her innocence and uninhibited enjoyment of the rainy moment that was so compelling. Something in my heart longed to dance with her.

I wondered if I had somehow missed the opportunity to “dance in the rain,” to see the beauty in everyday moments and embrace whatever life brings with joy. Had I allowed the circumstances of life to overwhelm the best part of life—God’s presence? Psalm 16:11 says, “You fill me with joy in your presence.” While my 12-year-old neighbor may have just been dancing in the rain, she inspired me to embrace God’s presence in spite of the storms and to dance. (If you want to read more verses on joy, go to biblegateway.com and keyword search the word joy.)


  1. Love this. A good reminder for life, and enjoying all God gives us.