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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My husband and I are in the midst of a transition. Two weeks ago, we accepted new positions that require us to resign from our pastorate and to relocate.

We have experienced many different emotions in the past 14 days. Our kids and six-week old granddaughter live in the city we are leaving behind. We are also leaving many close relationships that developed during our 10 years in Wichita.

We know God is leading us and we are excited for our new roles. We are also saddened at the loss that accompanies this transition. This is our first move that doesn’t include our children. While they are adults, I can’t begin to put words to the emotions I am encountering at the thought of leaving them. I’m thankful we are only moving four-and-a- half hours away—we already have trips planned to see our sweet grandbaby.

In the midst of all of this transition, I’m reminded of the importance of prioritizing our marriage. It is the one relationship designed to endure every season of our adult lives. Children grow up, friends move away, and extended families rarely have the privilege of living close to one another. In the midst of so much change, God gives us marriage—a human relationship that is intended to last a lifetime.

I’m so thankful to be starting this new season with my best friend—my awesome husband! And quite honestly, I’m looking forward to this new adventure together!

I want to encourage you today to prioritize your relationship with your spouse, above any other relationship—it is meant to last a lifetime!

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  1. Congratulations on the move....where are you headed?? I LOVE what you said about marriage being the one relationship that is intended to last a lifetime and to endure every season of our adult lives. It's so true. Friends have come and gone and family doesn't live on our doorsteps, but I truly am thankful for my husband whom I can count on when I feel sad, lonely, happy, out of my mind.....thanks for this post....it's a great reminder!